Moni 2.0


I have struggled with acne my whole life. I’ve tried a number of things, both weird and rational. A couple of years ago I went to a dermatologist (for the billionth time) to see if they could help. They prescribed Retin-A. It has kind of helped. However, I learned this week that I have been applying it the wrong way these two years. So I started applying it the correct way (wash face, wait 20 minutes, apply Retin-A). Whoa. Now things are different. I’d never experienced peeling and flaking skin before and wondered why I was different. Well, now that I’ve been applying this stuff correctly, I’ve got ALL OF THE PEELING SKIN. It’s not comfortable. I am told that if I can endure this for a couple of months my skin will be, not only be acne free, but also new and fresh and young looking.

This whole process feels very cathartic. Like I’m shedding some old part of myself that isn’t doing me any favors and underneath this old self is a new self.

A Moni 2.0.

I’m looking forward to meeting her.


This is a poem for my skin. – a prose poem


This is a poem for my skin

You are the part of me that others see;  the flawed façade that covers what is inside. I manipulate you into what I think you should be but you articulate my hidden stress. I sometimes don’t treat you well: the countless times you’ve blistered in the sun. when I sleep with makeup on, the way I gnaw at my cuticles when I feel withdrawn. But sometimes we take those we love for granted. And I love you, my dear skin. Because imagine what I would be without you? I would be horrifying; bleeding as I walk through the swell of humanity.