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Still working my way through those One Pinhole A Day photos. Here is December 14. I took this while eating lunch at my regular lunch hangout. I was probably eating my usual: grilled cheese and tomato soup.

Here are some random things going on in my head this week:

  • Somehow, over the weekend, I found myself deep in a pretty bad depression. I am finally coming out of it, but wow. It wasn’t fun. I think I am feeling very overwhelmed with the world lately and everything hit me the wrong way.
  • During this episode I was having insomnia and I took melatonin to help me sleep. This was a very bad idea. It made me super sleepy and drowsy, even after having 9 hours of sleep. And it kind of made the depression more difficult to work through (mostly because I was so tired).
  • I was curious about melatonin so I did some research and found some really interesting articles about it, especially this one in the NYT (thanks to Inge!).
  • In my research I found out how to use melatonin to combat jet lag.
  • I also found this quiz to help you figure out what kind of sleeper you are.  I “found out” that I am a “strong morning” person (I already knew this). But it was really cool to read about this and how my body naturally readies itself for bed at a particular time. I always thought this was something I trained myself to do but it looks like it’s more biological. Interesting stuff! The article also talks about using chronotherapy as a treatment for depression.
  • Totally unrelated to sleep, I read this blog post today about right action during troubled times and it made me feel a bit better.

About the photo:

It was made with a Holga WPC and Lomochrome Purple film.

Do you usually remember your dreams?

神奈川沖浪裏 Kanagawa oki nami ura ("The Great ...

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I do remember my dreams. In fact, I started a dream journal last year because I like to think about them and figure out what they mean. It’s fun, like figuring out a puzzle.

I often have water dreams. A recurring nightmare that I have involves being overtaken by a giant wave. For example (and this is weird), the night before my birthday I had a dream where I was driving along a highway next to the ocean  and the road was overtaken by a wave. The car was engulfed by the wave and floated out to sea. It was really frightening. Eventually, the car drifted back to land, and safety. However, the weird thing about the dream was that the Tsunami in Japan was happening at around the time I was asleep!

Sometimes the departed appear to me in my dreams. When I was really sick two summers ago this happened. Specifically, my stepbrother, who committed suicide a few years ago, appeared. He was young and vibrant and very happy. He thanked me for being sad when he died, for grieving for  him. It was very odd and made me wonder if I wasn’t dying myself (I was soooo sick).

I would LOVE to have a flying dream. I’ve never had one and am so sad about it. Everyone I know has had them and it is not fair that I haven’t. So, Universe, just throwing out there.



For the first time in my life I sleepwalked last night. It was a very strange experience. I remember waking up, standing over the air-purifyer and feeling really confused. Raffa was asking me what I was doing (this is what woke me up) and I stood there, confused, and said, “uh, I don’t know.” Then I hurriedly went back to bed, and, for some reason, I was feeling embarrased. Raffa was kept asking me what I was doing, and I remember being really crabby with him. I have no idea why. It was very strange.