“All my life, false and real, right and wrong entangled.
Playing with the moon, ridiculing wind, listening to birds,
many years were wasted seeing the mountain covered with snow.
This winter, I suddenly realize snow makes a mountain.”

                                                                                                       –  Dōgen


“What is most surreal thing you’ve ever seen?”


I don’t know. But I can tell you what the most surreal thing I’ve seen this weekend is.

We had an ice storm Saturday and it was crazy weird.  In the evening we heard trees cracking and limbs hitting the ground. Some of them came perilously close to cars in our parking lot.  The sound of the trees limbs cracking off of trees in the night was very surreal

When we woke up everything was encased in ice.





I took out my camera and snapped a few black and white film photos. When I was outside I heard ice and tree limbs crumbling to the ground. It was actually quite terrifying! I shot a video before I went back inside.

Today we are back to rain and all the snow has melted. It was fun and exciting while it lasted.



Snow Shoeing at Trillium Lake

Travel and Other Adventures

As I mentioned, we went snowshoeing yesterday. The second time for me and Raf. The first time was almost four years ago. We had a fantastic time and I don’t know why I waited so long to do this. Mt. Hood is practically in my backyard. Seriously, it only takes about about 30 minutes to get to this place.   Here are some photos from our fun day!