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Sometimes my iPad will play music at weird and inopportune times. It is a bug that has to do with the bluetooth keyboard. When it is connected and when I pick up the keyboard I must accidentally push buttons that cause it to play music. It can be embarrassing when I am in public.

At one point I deleted all of the music from my iPad but somehow music appears on it again. I don’t know how this happens and I am too lazy to explore why.

Last night I was kind  of feeling down and depressed and started in on that road in my head where I start beating myself up.  I’d been doing some writing on my iPad and got up to go do something else and there went my iPad with it’s music playing. Except this time it played a song I have never heard before. I don’t recall ever downloading it. But I listened to the lyrics and they were exactly what I needed to hear at that moment.

Facing my fears seems to be a theme that keeps coming up for me in various ways. I guess 2014 is the year I face my fears.

Happy birthday Doug


Today is my stepdad, Doug’s birthday. I’ve really been missing him a lot lately. I miss our conversations and I miss his funny stories.

Here is a photo of him and and mom around the time they first met. I love this photo of them. I love the smiles on both of their faces. The old guy photo-bombing in the background is pretty great too.

I was getting ready for work this morning and was putting the last touches of makeup on when this song played on my iTunes. I had to re-apply, needless to say.

Doug often speaks to me via music. I know that may sound weird to some of you reading this but it is as real to me as you are on the other side of that computer screen you are reading this on. The right song will come on at the right moment in a very obvious way and I know it is Doug. That is what happened this morning. It is really nice to know that he is there.

Addendum to my last post

Books, Music, Art, Movies

Journey - Greatest HitsWow, this is weird. I am at the iTunes music store to download some more music. Listening to Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'” has put me in a nostalgic mood for songs from junior high (I was wrong last night..that journey album was popular when I was in 8th grade, not high school). Sooo, I went to iTunes to download a litte Def Leppard..I’m thinking “Rock of Ages.” Guess what song is today’s top 6 song for rock? Journey’s “Don’t stop Believin.”

Weird. I wonder why?