How I came to be a Buddhist

Every so often at my meditation group we will have a discussion about how we came to be “here.” As in, what led us to meditation, Buddhism, etc. The first time this question came up I remember  I was the last person to speak and the entire time I was hoping I would have  something […]

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Bridge Of The Gods

Originally posted on Pinhole Obscura. Once upon a time the Chief Of The Gods and his two sons, Pahto and Wy’east, traveled from the North down the Columbia River to find a place to settle. They came upon the most beautiful land they had ever seen and decided that this was the place. However, the […]

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Big spiders

I don’t remember what the impetus was, but I found myself today doing a Google search for “Big Spiders in the Bay Area.” The first result is this website from Berkeley which informs us of spiders most frequently encountered  in the Bay Area.  Looking at these photos makes me feel a fear that I can’t fully describe in […]

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The “I hate Carol” club.

I wrote this post on November 19th, 2009. Today I was reminded of this childhood experience and thought I’d repost.   When I was in 3rd grade, one afternoon on the playground, the girls in my class formed the, “I hate Carol club.” I’m not sure why. Carol was a friend of ours. We all […]

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