I remember…


I remember summer days when I would ride my bike for hours and hours around the block.

I remember the smell of oil on our gravel road. The smell reminds me of summer.

I remember the big mud puddle in front of our house, filled by the sprinkler. We would concoct worlds in that puddle.

I remember Star Wars.

I remember Star Wars cards.

I remember the school across the street, through the field and over the fence. It was our world away from home where we could have contained adventures.

I remember the sweet scent of grass in the summer heat. Picking dandelions. Looking for four leaf clovers.

Lazy Afternoon


Lazy Afternoon

Every once in awhile I will look at one of my photos and I will say to myself, “Monica, you’ve made a pretty good photo there.” I can probably count on one hand the photos I feel really and truly good about. This is one of those photos. I really like it alot. It helped that when I took it I was hanging out with two very talented pinhole photographer friends of mine, Donna and Gretchen, and that I basically stole their composition. 🙂 Well, copy-catted them anyway.

We had such a great day! I swam in the lake with a unicorn mask on. It was fun!

this was made with my Zero Image 4×5 camera and a 120 roll back. Ektar film.

Summer Memory: Eating Raspberries In The Garden


Cultivated raspberry, in flower in a garden

Cultivated raspberry, in flower in a garden (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am a young child, around 7 or eight years old. I am by myself in the garden of our house, next to the back yard. I am enjoying the summer heat. I am hiding among the raspberry bushes that my mom planted a few years ago. They are as tall as I am. I am eating raspberries and they are delicious. It seems like they are the most delicious thing ever. Made more delicious by the fact that I can enjoy them by myself with nobody around to bother me.

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