You can’t hold back the sunrise.


You can't hold the sunrise back
I mentioned that a couple of photos from my film swap with Mr. AwareoftheVoid really stand out for me. I wanted them to have their own blog post. This is one of them. I feel like it doesn’t need a blathery exposition because it kind of speaks for itself. And maybe I should just shut up and let the photo do the talking. However…

A little while before Brendan sent these to me I got the call from my mom telling me that my uncle was actively dying. When she told me it felt like someone punched me in the stomach. I honestly didn’t think he would die so quickly. He only found out two weeks ago that he had lung cancer. I honestly thought that I would have time to go back home to say goodbye. But, apparently, life doesn’t work that way. I was in shock. As I was looking at the photos, in shock, this particular one jumped out for obvious reasons. I love how the sunrise is bleeding through the gate, like it refuses to be held back. What a beautiful metaphor.

The lock part of the photo was taken on the Steel Bridge in Portland, Oregon and the Sunrise was taken by Brendan in Dublin.

fleeting sunrise


Taken this morning with the Holgaroid.

This had to be the most depressing sunrise I’ve ever seen. As it was coming up I felt happy because I could see bits of blue sky. My spirit lifted at the thought of the possibility of sunlight today. I was inspired to put the polaroid back on my camera (not an easy task) and snap a pic, which is what you see above. I was going to take another one to play around with exposure but when I looked outside a dark cloud had already descended  and it started pouring rain. And now I feel like crying.