Goodbye, 2010


Why hello there! It’s New Years Eve, and time for me to take a look back at the past year.

The past couple of years on this day I have tended toward the negative. And, rightly so. There were some crazy-bad things that happened. 2010, though was pretty darn good. I honestly can’t think of a single thing that was bad about it.

  • I originally declared 2010 the year of the Banjo, but I ended up learning the Ukulele instead. One of my Summer Reading Performers, Cinda Tilgner, brought hers to the program and I fell in love with it. One thing led to another and I ended up buying one and performing in Cinda’s Uke Orchestra. It’s been lots of fun!
  • I was invited to a meditation group in April  and I  haven’t been the same since. In a good way. I’ve written lots about this experience this year, so no need to go into detail. But I’m very glad my friend had the instinct to invite me. I’ve made some fantastic friends through this group and am so happy that they are a part of my life. And I’m so happy to have finally developed a Zazen practice.
  • Raf became a Tattoo artist! If someone would have told me ten years ago that my husband would become a tattoo artist I would have told them they were crazy. But it was something that he wanted to do and he did it and I’m proud of him. And now I have my own personal tattoo artist in the house. I’ve always loved tattoos and have wanted to get more of them but I, generally, don’t like being touched by strangers. I hate the dentist, I don’t like getting my hair done, I don’t like doctors, and I especially dislike massages. So now that Raf has his tattoo license I can get tattoos and not feel uncomfortable. So I got a few of ’em this year.
  • I had a blast exploring the area. We went on a number of really fun hikes.

My favorite reads this year? I’m so glad you asked!

In short: 2010 was pretty killer.

Be safe tonight and I’ll see you tomorrow.



It occurs to me that I didn’t blog about my latest tattoo. I got this one at the end of June. It was  a last minute kind of thing. I stopped by the tattoo shop raf works at and he was bummed because his appointment didn’t show up. So he asked me if I wanted a tattoo and he showed me the stencil he had all drawn up of this and I said, “sure!” I love it. It’s very pretty, I think. I have it on my upper leg and so it will never be seen by anyone unless I am wearing a bikini which is an extremely rare occurrence. Actually I can’t even remember the last time I wore a bikini. Anyway.

The idea of the Om/Lotus/water is an old standby. The symbol for Om sits above a lotus flower crashing down into some turbulent, Japanese-style waves. I like it because it sort of represents this particular time in my life, this exploration of Buddhism. I like how the Om and the Lotus are splashing on the turbulent water because that’s how I came to this place (as is the case for many, I’m sure). This past year has been very difficult in many ways. I was hurting and needed something to help my heart heal. And, so far, it seems to be really helping. It has given me peace. I may write more about it in another post.

I have a list of tattoos I want to get in the future. here it is:

  1. An enso on my left wrist
  2. Om Mani Padme Hume in Tibetan script.
  3. A four leaf clover with Doug’s initials, D.A.D.
  4. A pretty flower on the top of my foot. I love Dianne’s celtic cross!
  5. A kick-ass knitting tattoo in the old-school tattoo style. Probably black and gray but I do love the classic three color tattoos. I love the one on this blog post. I need to come up with a fun script. Raf came up with “Knit Fast, Dye Yarn.” I kind of like it.
  6. A Richard Scarry bunny. this one to be exact.  (I found this when I was searching for a link to the bunny picture. HOW CUTE!)

So those are “for sure” ones. At least at this time. I won’t be able to get them for awhile though. Raf wants to wait to do them for various reasons. That’s not a bad thing when contemplating tattoos. They are there for life after all.

A semi-buzzed story about my new tattoo


Why hello there! I didn’t mean for so much time to go by before I blogged. The past two weeks kind of creeped up on me and whizzed by.

Thanks for the birthday wishes! I’m now really truly officially into my forties. And, honestly, it kind of feels weird. But good too. But dudes. There’s no getting around the fact that I’m old. And, dare I say, over the hill. I kind of think I’m o.k. with that. maybe.

I got a tattoo! Did I tell you that my husband is working on getting his Oregon State tattoo license? He is. (kind of a long story on how that all came about. maybe I’ll tell it sometime). Before he takes his test he hast to do 50 tattoo procedures. I am a lover of tattoo art and was happy to oblige. I got some cherry blossoms tattooed on my shoulder. I decided on cherry blossoms because they have significant meaning that really fits well with what I have learned about life these past few months:

“The fragility of the cherry blossom is the fragility of human existence; its brief period of life, like our own; its implacable movement toward death, indifferent to the good things of this world … ; and finally, its individual and perfect beauty is also ours.”

Raf described it simply as “life is beautiful but short.”  that beautifully sums up what I have learned, watching the death of my step-dad. I’ve also really loved watching cherry blossoms bloom in the springtime, as they  have been here for the past month. It seriously makes me happy.

I have another tattoo on my other shoulder that I got forever ago. Right before I met Raf, so 19 years ago. When I got the tattoo I went to the Hillyard Library in Spokane (I was visiting my parents at the time) to do some research on the design. For some reason I wanted a Native American design so I pulled some art books off the shelf and started looking for something that appealed to me. This design just jumped out and grabbed me and I knew this was the one. For a long time I kept the photocopy of the page that told me what exactly this creature was but I’ve long since lost it.  I’m pretty sure that printout said that it was an Ouroboros, because that is so clearly what it is. I’ve tried to track down the original book with no luck. I would really like to know the Native American meaning behind it.

All of these years I didn’t know why I wanted this design. I just felt drawn to it.  But I think it really is a good representation of how I feel about the spirit, or what happens after life. I really do believe (and this belief has been cemented since Doug died) that we do live on in some form after this life. So I think my two tattoos compliment each other really well. The one on my left representing life on this earth, the one on my right representing life after this life on earth.

I didn’t really put much thought into this until after I got the tattoos, by the way. This has all been an exercise in intuition.

Well, this is what drinking beer on a Saturday evening without the husband brings: a rambly post about tattoos.

Happy Saturday!