A Saturday Hike to Zig Zag Canyon

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On Saturday I had the day off so Raf and I decided to go on a hike. It’s a favorite: The Timberline/Pacific Crest Trail from Timberline Lodge to Zig Zag Canyon. It always feels like Summer is complete when I can go on a good hike up on Mt Hood.

This is a short hike, a little over 5 miles round trip. I always seem to forget that it is all uphill on the way back to the lodge – The hike to the canyon always feels great! Then I inevitably run out of water halfway through and I have to hike back, uphill, with little to no water. And Saturday it was in 85 degrees, or thereabouts. I was a bit dehydrated when we were finished!

It was fun though. I need more hiking in my life!



I woke up this morning to a stream of Flickr notifications on my phone. When I checked to see what the fuss was about I saw that overnight this particular photo made Explore. I honestly have no idea what it is about this photo that would cause it to be in Explore but I guess that is a good enough reason to make it a photoblog photo.

Incidentally, this was taken the day my friend Peter de Graff was visiting! So maybe he has the magic touch.

Geeky Bits:
Camera: Olympus OM1n
Film: Cinestill 800

Another fun day at the lodge


Today I had the pleasure of meeting my internet friend Peter De Graaff and his lovely wife! I took them up to Timberline Lodge and it was unbelievably beautiful. We got blue skies and a fantastic view of the mountain. It’s such a joy to meet my internet friends in real life. 🙂



Pinhole Adventure 

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Today I am starting another “100 days” project in which I post everyday on my blog for 100 days. I had a lot of fun doing this last year and decided I wanted to continue this practice, but trying it at different times of the year. This year, over the next few months. I have a lot of adventures planned so I thought it would make sense to plan my project around March/April/May.

I was kind of hoping I would do a lot of writing for my blog during my down time but that hasn’t happened at all. So I have no idea what the posts will look like over the next few months (aside from my adventuring).

Today, though, I will tell you about my day yesterday. I had a fantastic day up on Timberline Lodge with my buddy Donna. It was our monthly Pinhole Mayhem outing, sans Gretchen (whom we missed). We took the bus up there, which was a new adventure for me. It worked out very well and I think I will be taking the bus up there a lot in the future for snow shoeing.

I use my iPhone to help me compose my pinhole photos (I hope this isn’t cheating!) so I often come away from these adventures with a ton of snapshots. Here are a few of them! (click the image for more info)


Timberline Lodge – Mt Hood, Oregon.


A new post is up on Pinhole Obscura . It is about Timberline Lodge! One of my favorite places.

Pinhole Obscura

You may or may not know this, but the very first post on this blog was about Timberline Lodge. It’s kind of a short and sweet post, so I thought it deserved revisiting. It is very close to home and I visit often, but not often enough.

The second time I was here (I don’t remember the first time)  It was a beautiful, clear, summer day in late August. Sitting on the patio we could see Mt Jefferson. The woman sitting at the table next to us said to her son, “I can’t believe a place this beautiful exists.”

Here are some random factoids.

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