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Twilight Saga

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Scientists have found that cats use their purrs to manipulate humans.

I found this response to the Twilight series from the Quileute tribe very interesting. I am not a student of Native American history or culture but I kind of wondered about the accuracy of Meyer’s depiction of the tribe’s stories. Actually, it has really kind of bothered me. From what I’ve heard, she really didn’t even try very hard to be accurate. Which is a shame.

The headline says it all: Gruesome Knitting Impalement Uncovers Lethal Threat.

Yeah, librarians are naughty. Whatev. I said this on my twitter stream and I’ll say it now. I really didn’t need the image of middle-aged librarians having conference sex seared into my consciousness, thankyouverymuch.

In researching the internet on how to use my old camera, I found this fascinating website. This person’s project is to find old cameras and film and then develop the film. The are some fantastic old pictures in the galleries. Great stories there, I’m sure.

Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

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Well, I drank the Kool-aide.

Yes, I loved it. I Couldn’t put it down. Couldn’t get enough of it. Want more of it.

I went into it very skeptical. I am not a fan of the vampire story genre. In fact I couldn’t get through the first chapter of The Vampire Lestat by Anne Rice. But I really, really enjoyed this book.

Some of the dialog is really cheesy as is the whole, “You can’t love me because I’m too dangerous” thing. But I still loved it and can’t wait to read the next one.

If you are not familiar with the plot it can be summed up:
Girl falls in love with a vampire. Vampire falls in love with a girl. Vampire wants to murder girl but saves her life multiple times instead.

It really appealed to my inner teenager girl. I definitely recommend it. I is every bit as good as everyone says it is.