Wayback Wednesday


One of my Flickr/blogger/twitter/instagram/real-life friends started posting these on Flickr and Instagram and I think it’s fun! So much that I am stealing the idea for my blog. Wayback Wednesday! I plan to raid my mom’s photo albums when I visit her in Spokane in a couple of  weeks.

Here is a photo of me when I graduated from UCSC in 2001. It was such a happy day. After the ceremony we went to Kresge College, the college at UCSC that I affiliated with, where there was a celebration extravaganza. There was a jazz band playing the songs from Super Mario Brothers and I  thought that was the raddest thing I’ve ever heard.

Spying on UC Santa Cruz Students


Here’s an interesting article written about students from my Alma Mater, U.C. Santa Cruz (sigh…) being spied on through Bush’s NSA spying program. The group of students are part of a group who call themselves Students Against War, and, apparantly, there was a bit of a scuffle between them and some military recruiters on campus last April. The group’s protest in April had been determined a “credible threat,” which was the reasoning behind the spying.

The funny thing about this is that U.C. Santa Cruz, and Santa Cruz in general, is famous for it’s protests. It’s in the nature of the Santa Cruzian to protest. They are well aware of thier first amendment right to free speech and they use it well. So for this group to be deemed a “threat” is a joke! They were a group of students who were exercising thier right to free speech.

Read more about it here:
A Protest, a Spy Program and a Campus in an Uproar – New York Times



Yesterday Raf and I went for a walk around campus at UCSC, my alma mater. We tried all of our favorite local hiking spots but they were insanely crowded. I’m glad that we ended up here instead. It was fun to walk around campus and reminisce about the days when I went to school here. Raf and I lived on campus at Family Student Housing. Our apartment was incredible! We had the top two floors of a three story, townhouse-like building. The top floor was the living room and kitchen and we had the most gorgeous view of Monterey Bay. It was awesome. I also thought about all of the walking I had to do on that campus. Everything is spread out and it’s quite the hike to get from building to building.

So as we were doing all of this I had this really strong feeling that we were going to be back here, living on campus or something. It was kind of weird. Every once in awhile I get these feelings like that, and then later they come true. I remember years and years ago, before Raf and I were married, and we were living in San Jose and Menlo Park, we were enjoying a bonfire on Seabright Beach (the beach down the street from where we live now) with some friends of ours. We decided to walk up to Days Market to get something to drink and as I was walking through the neighboorhood I had the same strong feeling that I would live in this neighboorhood sometime in the future. Sure enough, several years later, we ended up living here. And I didn’t go out to try and find a place here, either. It just kind of happened.

But I digress. As Raf and I were walking around this amphitheater that you see in the picture, Raf said to me, “I don’t feel like this is the last time we are going to be here.” And so I told him what I had been thinking, too. And it was all very strange and cool :). Who knows what the future holds for us.