Soul Mates

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Last night was was searching the intertubes for my ukulele pocket song: “Tonight You Belong To Me.” I was in the mood to practice but I’d forgotten the words! To my utter and complete delight, I came upon this little gem:

I love the way they interact with each other. You can tell that they are soul mates.

I promised you the ukulele

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Raf started his new job yesterday and he works late and I was bored and decided to practice my ukulele. Then I got the bright idea to record a video of me playing the ukulele for my blog. Admittedly, there was a beer involved in this decision making process. ahem.

I am learning Christmas music right now for a concert the uke orchestra I’m in is giving. I’m still not the best at this. I have trouble getting to chords. So please forgive my sloppy playing.

I’m not sure why this video still looks like all of the blood has been sucked out of my body. oh well.