Tell me about a time you remember rain

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Today is the last day of November, and, thus, the last day of Nanoblomo 2010! Will I ever post on my blog again? that remains to be seen. I’m kind of glad the pressure’s off though (not that there was much pressure to begin with…)

For my last post I’m going to share a writing exercise from the book, “An Old Friend From Far Away” by Natalie Goldberg. I’ve been thinking about this event a lot lately. I have no idea why. It seems so  insignificant. And yet, there it is, on my mind.

Tell me about a time you remember rain.

I miss the winters of Santa Cruz. In December we would get torrential downpours with high winds that would tear down anything in it’s path. I remember one night on a December evening after work I went out to the laundry room to switch out my laundry. It was a typical epic winter storm. Wind and rain.  It was raining so hard that I was soaked in the short 100 yard walk to the laundry room. It was noisy, too. All I could hear was the rain hitting the pavement.

As I walked to the laundry room I saw this gigantic dog standing on the sidewalk a few feet from me. It was a white  dog and it had short hair. It had to be half as tall as me. It was just standing there in the rain, letting it fall down on him. It didn’t run away when I approached. I didn’t actually walk up to it but I had to walk by it as I walked to the laundry room. As I moved my clothes from the washer to the dryer I was a little worried about walking back to my apartment. This dog was big and I didn’t quite trust it. It was really weird, the way it was just sitting there in the rain.

When I walked out of the laundry room it was gone. Sometimes I wonder if it was some kind of hallucination. It was really strange the way it was just standing there in this storm. But I know I have an over-active imagination. I’m sure it just left to go find it’s home.

A beautiful day


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Thank you so much for your comments on my last picture, guys! I really appreciate it :). And glad you like it.

On Sunday and Monday we had the brunt of the terrible storm that slammed into the western side of the state (you can kind of see it from the last picture). It warmed up a bit Saturday night and melted most of the road ways. So Raf and I decided to go to Manito Park an snap some shots. Well, as you can see we got stuck in a snow storm that ended up dumping TONS of snow on us. On Monday the windstorm hit and we lost power, but only for an hour. But it was a warm wind and ended up melting all of the snow that had been dumped on us the night before. I’m so very glad I didn’t go out and shovel our driveway!

Tuesday morning was strangely beautiful. The sun came out and there was no sign of rain or snow at all. So I decided to carry my camera tourist-style around my neck on my way to work and I snapped some shots. Right after I took the photo above a man doing work in a nearby yard yelled (in a Russian accent), “Good job! It’s a beautiful day!”

Indeed it was.

Until a little later on in the day when we got more wind:

Someone's carport tent

And thunder (!?!):


Right after I snapped this shot I heard thunder! WTF? We don’t get thunder in December! We get snow! This is just the strangest weather ever.

My thoughts are with those on the west side of the state (and Oregon). Those are some of my favorite cities. I hope things get back to normal soon.

Current Event Wednesday. Winter storm 2007

Old photo of the Spokane Falls in Spokane.

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There is absolutely nothing in the regular news that is interesting me today. Well, except for the fact that we are all gearing up for a huge snow storm that is supposed to come through at any time (great).

So, instead, I will tell you about a really fun new Flickr feature that I discovered today. Flickr Places. How fun is this? If you search for Spokane, you will see photos that are geo-tagged “Spokane” in a “nice page” format (as opposed to a list of results). What a great way to discover a place you miss or a place you dream of visiting. How fun!

Happy exploring!