Yarn Crawl


I had a fabulous day today with Preita! We did the Rose City Yarn Crawl. This is an event that is held each year in Portland where participating yarn stores have special giveaways for four days. Knitters are supposed to visit as many shops as they can possibly visit. And spend money. Which is exactly what I did.

We hit a couple of our usual shops first, Yarn Garden and Happy Knits. Then we visited Yarnia, a really unique store that I have wanted to visit since I moved here. It’s funny, I always envisioned a huge warehouse for some reason but it was actually a really small shop. The unique thing about it is that the yarn is DIY. In other words, you pick out what you want in your yarn and they have a special machine that winds it all together into one cone of yarn. It’s really cool! I wanted to have them custom make some thing for me so I picked out some really pretty purple mohair and some bright orange yarn. I loved the finished product (see photo below). It created a laceweight yarn. I think I’m going to make a lace scarf with it. In fact, it will be my next project.

We hit a couple other stores that we hadn’t visited before but they weren’t any better than our favorite, Happy Knits. Regardless, I managed to spend lots of money. I bought all sorts of goodies. What the hell. It IS my birthday month, after all.

A Crafty Post


Princess Hair

A couple of months ago when I interviewed for this job, I stopped into the little yarn shop across the street from the library, Designer Yarns. They had a wonderful selection of spinning fiber from local places. I saw this alpaca/silk blend and had to have it. Rafael, when he saw it, said it looks like princess hair. And I had to agree. It’s soft like what you would imagine princess hair to be, too.

handspun yarnSo I started spinning it. I decided to spin it into a lace/fingering weight yarn, so I could get as much out of it as I could. And I decided to not ply it. When I spin yarn it gives me opportunity to ask myself what the yarn wants to be eventually, and I asked that as I was spinning. The Whisper Cardigan came into my mind. I’ve been wanting a nice, simple cardi like that for awhile. However, I have had reservations about how it would look on me. I’m not so sure I like how it looks on regular people when I look on Ravelry.

Enter the Featherweight cardigan, by the same designer. I had never heard of this design until someone on Ravelry posted their own hand-spun sweater in a forum I belong to. It was gorgeous! and the perfect pattern. It, to me, is a more flattering design.

So that’s what this yarn will be eventually. In who knows how long. I’ll update you with my progress.

Crafty Monday: spun out (not really)


7.29.2009I thought for today’s installment of Crafty Monday I would show you some of the yarn spinning projects I’ve been working on. The first of these projects is made from llama fleece. One of my co-workers kindly offered half of a llama fleece that was “in her closet” one day and I eagarly accepted the offer. A few days later a gigantic bag of fleece was sitting at my desk. I was giddy with nerdy joy. I searched around the internet on how to prepare the fleece and ended up getting some good information from my boss’s best friend who raises llamas in Montana. She suggested that I wash and card it because llamas like to roll around in the dirt and the fleece is dusty. Did I take her advice? No I didn’t. I couldn’t wait to wash and card it. I read that llamas don’t produce the oils that sheep do so I thought it might be o.k. to just spin a bit up and then wash it after I’m done (like I do with the dog hair that I spin up). The fleece has both very dark brown and white hair and I decided to spin both colors to see what the yarn would look like. I Andean plied the yarn. I’m not so sure I like the white and the dark in one hank of yarn. I’m still trying to decide on that. I do like how soft the yarn is though. I worked out o.k. just spinning it and washing later. It’s not ideal, because the fleece is dusty, but it worked.

7.28.2009This little pretty is a batt that I bought at Paradise Fibers the day I bought my loom. Oh my, good god, I love that place. Anyway, I saw it and I simply couldn’t resist. Hanks in the Hood is the name of the company that made this particular batt. I believe this is the Shimmer colorway. I think this bat is merino/tencel. I don’t think I got a bamboo mix, but I may have. I have lost the card that came with it. But isn’t it pretty? I have decided to leave this as a single. I’m thinking that it would make pretty fingerless gloves.

8.8.2009This yarn is made from roving that I bought at Holy Thread’s “going out of business” sale. I really have no idea what the fiber is, but I’m guessing it’s some kind of wool. It was dyed red and blue and it has some heather to it, which think is pretty. For some reason the colors evoke color and texture of red and blue crayons. The yarn is a bit scratchy and still has a bit of vegetable matter spun into it. I’m not sure what I will do with it at the moment. Maybe a hat? I’m not sure.

Next spinning project: working on yarn made out of the dog hair from my mom’s dog that died a few months ago, Squeaker. This is proving to be a challenge because, as you can see from her picture (if you’ve clicked the link) she had short hair. I’m not sure how this will turn out. I will probably ply it with a wool yarn but I’m not even close to that stage yet.

Crafty Monday: Another diversion

Hat knit using entrelac, in four colors

Image via Wikipedia

I meant to have a picture taken and uploaded this morning but that didn’t happen. We went on vacation last week and I visited a couple of yarn stores (as I generally do when I visit a new town. The public library and the local yarn shop are always on my agenda. God, I sound like such an old lady.).

Anyway, at this shop I visited there was an absolutely adorable entrelac bag knitted in a cottony soft Noro yarn that I had never seen before. I decided to buy the yarn and cast on for it while on vacay. The colors are so gorgeous and summery and fun. It was the perfect thing to knit while being away at the ocean.

Unfortunately I don’t have pictures but I promise I will take one or two and post them very soon.

ready for winter


This was a labor of love. I space-dyed the roving with Koolaid, then I hand spun the roving into yarn. Then I knitted it up into this lovely scarf/hat. I like it. I’ve had some questionable comments about it, but damn it! it’s gonna keep me warm this winter. And the smell of Kool-aid will make me smile in the cold darkness of winter.

In completely unrelated news, my tooth is cracked and is getting worse every time I eat. I am forced to go to the dreaded dentist. I have an appointment tomorrow. :shudder: