Year In Temperatures Scarf


I’m not sure you all are interested in my knitting projects, but I thought I would post the finish of a year long project: my Year In Temperatures scarf. I finished it on New Years Eve and wove in a billion ends on New Years day and wore it to work yesterday. It’s very rustic looking and maybe not the prettiest thing but I like it. I think if I were to do another one (and I might in a year or two) I would choose the same colors that the Nation Weather Services uses on their maps. For my scarf, I used colors that I had in my stash. Each 5 temperature range had a color assigned to it, starting with purples and blues at the cold end, and reds and pinks at the hot end.

A year in temperatures


Inspired by my IG buddy, Heather,  I decided to start on a Year In Temperatures scarf sometime around mid May. I have been knitting a row for each day of the year, the color of the row determined by the temperature of that day. I have assigned a color for each range of 5 degrees, starting with cooler colors in the zero to teens, up to reds, oranges, and warmer colors in the higher end of the scale.

Today I reached a dilemma. I recorded yesterday’s temperature and realized I had not chosen a color for the temperature it was yesterday. I guess when I was picking colors I thought, “oh it doesn’t get that hot here.” Guess what! it got that hot here! It was 104 degrees yesterday. Today it was predicted to be 107, though according to my Apple Watch, it hasn’t hit 100 yet today.

I needed a color for 101 – 105 and a color for 106 – 110 (Good lord. Baby Jeebus help us if it ever gets up to 110 here). So, any excuse to buy yarn, even on a 7th ring of hell hot day like today, I bought a rusty brown for 101 – 105, and a warm brown for 106 – 110. I figure if it gets above 105 everything will be dead and brown, so.

Here is what I have so far for each month.