An afternoon walk

Here are the last few shots from that first round of c-41 developing I did last month. I took these while on a little walk on the trail near my house. I used my Zero 45 with a 120 roll back and the film I used was Ektar 100.

Incidentally, The photo of the river (above) was a longer exposure and I was nervous about encountering a mountain lion since that is where the previous sightings had been. You can read about that story here and here.

an afternoon walk


A Meal – Pinholed

I did a lot of pinholing of meals, mostly of me eating lunch, when I did my One Pinhole A Day project. Here is a meal with others. I brought my Zero 45 with me to a restaurant in Portland where I had lunch with my coworkers after running the Jingle Bell Run. At one point I had to move the camera to the other side of the table to make room for others. I really like the way this came out! I love that when you begin a pinhole photo you never know what will happen in the moments that tick away during an exposure. The spontaneity is a big part of the fun. And turning people into ghosts. 🙂

Geeky Bits

Camera: Zero 45 (25mm)
Film: Illford Delta 100
Exposure time: 38 minutes, 7 seconds
Stand developed in Adonal for one hour.


One Pinhole A Day – Day 23

I am finally getting some results back from my Pinhole A Day project and thought I’d share here. This is day 23 – a visit to the grocery store a few days before Thanksgiving.

I plan to post most of these photos on my photography blog, so if you are interested in seeing more, follow me over there!

Geeky bits:
Camera: Zero 45 (25mm)
Film: Illford Delta 100
Stand developed for one hour in Adonal.


Self reclining on couch – #pinhole self portrait

This afternoon I will be driving up to the Seattle area for the opening of Slowing The Selfie , a photography show of pinhole self portraits by PNW pinhole photographers. Three of my photos will be in that show. I am very, very honored to be a part of it. Also looking forward to hanging out with some good friends.

The show is at VALA Eastside in Redmond, WA and the opening is tonight from 6-8 pm. Do stop by if you are in the area!! More info can be found on their website.

This is not one of the photos in the show. This is a self portrait from my “Sheet A Day” project (in which I shot one sheet of 4×5 film a day in my Zero 45).

I’ve been struggling with jet lag the past few days and this was me, basically, at 8:00 pm last night. I passed out hard.


Geeky Bits:

Camera: Zero 4×5
Focal Length: 25mm
Aperture: 138
Exposure: 7 minutes
ISO: 100
Scan: Epson V700


Trillium Lake Trees

that time in August in the Forest

Here is another large format pinhole photo taken last summer up on Mt. Hood. I can’t remember where this was taken! I think it might be Trillium Lake, but I can’t be entirely sure. I am guessing by the trees.

Geeky Bits:
Camera: Zero 45 (25mm configuration)
Film: illford Delta 100
Exposure time: ???