But First


This is kind of related to my trip to England, but totally not related at the same time. I wanted to share the first results from the Great International Terrapin Swap with you. Our first participant was Andrew from England, whom I met on Pinhole Day in Norwich. It was super fun to meet in person and watch him in action! Here are the results from our swap. You can see more over on my Flickr album.

And if you are interesting in participating check out Gitswap.org!


#100happydays: That’s all folks!


100 Happy Days is another thing I have been neglecting to update on this blog, so I thought I’d post a giant Happy Days post. As I was updating it I realized that today is my last 100 happy day!! What incredible timing! I can’t believe my last post in this series is a picture of my hair. I should’ve chosen a better subject but oh well. In a way it is perfect. This project has been great because it has helped me see the goodness in the mundane. Which is a lesson I have really needed to learn. I’ve really enjoyed doing this and am going to miss it! I am thinking about replacing it with another 100 days of blogging project for 2017. Maybe starting in July?

#100happydays week 10


Last week was all about noticing. Lots of synchronicity going on in my life this week. I love it when that happens. 🙂

#100happydays week 9


This past week was all about noticing the beauty around me and finding notes from the Universe hidden in the world. Kind of a magical week in that way. 🙂

#100happydays week 8


This week was all about shoes and plants. I am happy that the plants I bought are thriving! And I’m still super stoked about my successful c-41 developing on Monday. It’s the little things. 🙂