Las Vegas

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I didn’t write about my trip to Las Vegas. Well, here it is….Raf and I got up at 4:00 (Raf went for a run that early!) to drive to the airport and got on a plane to L.V. We made it there okay, but we got off the plane it was clear that L.V. sucks. The first thing that I heard were the whine of slot machines.

We got to the Tropicana, and walking through the casino and then the hotel was almost surreal. It was so glittery and shiny and noisy. We walked toward the elevator and passed a restaurant and as we walked past, a parrot flew over my head. It was total sensory overload.

So we went to the wedding which was really nice. Really, a wonderful ceremony. Joaquin looked so happy, I’ve never seen him happier. Elissa looked like a movie star. She was radiant.

Later on that evening we went walking around L.V. I just couldn’t get into the Las Vegas thing. Too many people. I may have just hit the wall. We ended up going back to our hotel room and ordering pizza.

The next morning was kind of fun. Raffa and I went out to the MGM (a much nicer hotel) and found a Starbucks. We gambled the slots for a bit. It was fun because we gambled this quarter that Doug gave us for laundry. It had a hole right in the center of it. We pretty much played off that quarter for about an hour. We kept winning a little and losing a little. It was fun.

In the afternoon we went to Red Rocks Canyon. It was beautiful. I can understand now why people would think that the desert is beautiful. Driving out of the Red Rocks national park we saw some burros. It was cool. Not a sight you would see in the Santa Cruz Mountains, anyway. And I’m always up for new adventures.

Another thing to add: When we were there I noticed that there were moths everywhere. I mean, lots of them. It was really strange. There is an appropriate metaphor hiding in there somewhere

weekend recovery


Well, it’s tuesday and the weekend is finally over. I am totally exhausted. I was up until 1:30 am waiting for mom and doug. It took them 20 hours to drive down here. On friday we drove down to pebble beach which was fun. Doug likes to golf and he was stoked to be in “golfer’s mecca”. Mom and I surprised him with a baseball cap.

When we got home we had a bonfire on the beach and roasted hotdogs and made s’mores. Then we came home and watched “the red violin”. The next day we hung out here until graduation time. Then we drove to san jose and went to graduation.

The graduation turned out to be lovely. Fred gave a speech and said my name in his speech! I was kind of embarrased! but Mom and Doug and Raf were really proud and happy.

After we got home Mom and I went to Fisherman’s wharf and had a great time. We ate clam strips and she and I took a bunch of great pictures.

Then we went to Las Vegas for the wedding the next day. I am getting exhausted just typing all of this. I can’t believe I did all of this this weekend! I will post about L.V.¬†tomorrow.


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I am going to get rid of my television. I’ve had it. The last straw was when I watched the show, “Married by America.” I was strangely addicted to this show. I couldn’t stop watching. I mean, I was rather bothered by the whole idea, maybe even slightly horrified by the idea of it. But I still watched.

I almost didn’t watch it. When I saw the previews for it I was kind of curious about it but my husband was admant about not letting us get sucked into this show. We had been addicted to Joe Millionare fairly recently before, and Temptation Island, too. He had enough. But he gave in when there was nothing else on. Our curiousity took over and we were hooked.

The last episode really bothered me. I can’t remember the names of the people on the show, but I remember the blond chick and how she was totally humiliated on national television. She and her “fiance” were at the alter and she said that she does, in fact, want to marry this man (who was a stranger to her weeks before). The guy, after hearing her spill her feelings out, said that he didn’t want to marry her. The look on her face was utter despair. She ran away and began to wail, dissappearing into the house. Then her friends and family, seeing how upset she was, began to get really upset, too. The man that walked her down the aisle (it wasn’t her father) began screaming at her “fiance” and threw a beer bottle at him. This other woman, I think it was her sister, was sitting in her folded chair, just totally in shock. Then she started to cry, her children standing next to her wondering what the f— was going on. Then they broke to commercial, and we watched, oh I don’t know, a pepsi comercial and probably a car commercial, etc. Then they came back to this train wreck. The sister went running, crying, into the house to look for the blond chick, the camera following closely behind. The camera found the blond chick sitting in fetal position in a closet, crying.

I couldn’t really sleep that night, and I thought about this show all the next day. I was bothered by what I saw. Usually, when we watch television, or movies, or play video games, or read books, etc. there is an understanding that this is not reality. We can separate the reality from the thing itself. And this seems to make it okay to watch something horrifying in, for example, a movie. But this show was different. I was watching this poor girl’s devestation on national television. I was participating in her humiliation by watching. I felt horrible for her, and I felt horrible for watching, for taking part in this “social experiment” as the producers of the show called it.

This is the last straw for me. I think I am done with television. I’m definately done with reality t.v.

Waiting for this weekend. Mom and doug are coming down here. I am going to spend friday with them. Doug wants to go to pebble beach. I really want to take them to Big Basin so that they can see the redwood forest. I also really want to have a bonfire on the beach because that’s not something you can do in Spokane and it’s really neat.


The world is so small


I was shifting government documents in the “I” section today (Department of Interior). There are all kinds of documents in this section, from Indian affairs, to earthquake information, to geological information, to state park information, to water info, etc, etc. As I was moving these things, one of them caught my eye. There was a one-page pamphlet, published in the sixties, on the water plan of Dalton Gardens, ID. “Why did this catch your eye”, you ask? Well, because Dalton Gardens, ID. is where my grandparents lived in this house.
Dalton Gardens is this obscure little town located very near Cour d ‘Alene, Idaho. I don’t even think you can call it a town, really. It is (or was when I lived in Spokane), a bunch of houses clustered around the high school. There is a butcher shop, and I think there is now a mall.

I have very fond memories of my grandparent’s house. They had a small farm and every once in a while they would have an animal or two, such as sheep or chickens, and then the animal would be gone after a time. My brother and I loved the two sheep that they had for a while. We were kind of devastated when they were suddenly gone and my grandparents had “lovely” ¬†back rests on their recliners.

That memory really isn’t horrifying, as it may seem. My grandparents came from a different time, where animals were meant for food, not for making friends with. Mostly, when I think of this house and Dalton Gardens itself, I think of happy, carefree times.

Who knew that a library in Santa Clara would be receiving some document on the water plan of this town, and that, thirty years later, someone who has fond memories of this obscure little town would look at this and be reminded of her grandparents. I’m probably the only person who has even looked at this piece of paper since it was checked in.