Las Vegas

I didn’t write about my trip to Las Vegas. Well, here it is….Raf and I got up at 4:00 (Raf went for a run that early!) to drive to the airport and got on a plane to L.V. We made it there okay, but we got off the plane it was clear that L.V. sucks. […]

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weekend recovery

Well, it’s tuesday and the weekend is finally over. I am totally exhausted. I was up until 1:30 am waiting for mom and doug. It took them 20 hours to drive down here. On friday we drove down to pebble beach which was fun. Doug likes to golf and he was stoked to be in […]

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I am going to get rid of my television. I’ve had it. The last straw was when I watched the show, “Married by America.” I was strangely addicted to this show. I couldn’t stop watching. I mean, I was rather bothered by the whole idea, maybe even slightly horrified by the idea of it. But […]

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this weekend

Waiting for this weekend. Mom and doug are coming down here. I am going to spend friday with them. Doug wants to go to pebble beach. I really want to take them to Big Basin so that they can see the redwood forest. I also really want to have a bonfire on the beach because […]

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The world is so small

I was shifting government documents in the “I” section today (Department of Interior). There are all kinds of documents in this section, from Indian affairs, to earthquake information, to geological information, to state park information, to water info, etc, etc. As I was moving these things, one of them caught my eye. There was a […]

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