Las Vegas

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I didn’t write about my trip to Las Vegas. Well, here it is….Raf and I got up at 4:00 (Raf went for a run that early!) to drive to the airport and got on a plane to L.V. We made it there okay, but we got off the plane it was clear that L.V. sucks. The first thing that I heard were the whine of slot machines.

We got to the Tropicana, and walking through the casino and then the hotel was almost surreal. It was so glittery and shiny and noisy. We walked toward the elevator and passed a restaurant and as we walked past, a parrot flew over my head. It was total sensory overload.

So we went to the wedding which was really nice. Really, a wonderful ceremony. Joaquin looked so happy, I’ve never seen him happier. Elissa looked like a movie star. She was radiant.

Later on that evening we went walking around L.V. I just couldn’t get into the Las Vegas thing. Too many people. I may have just hit the wall. We ended up going back to our hotel room and ordering pizza.

The next morning was kind of fun. Raffa and I went out to the MGM (a much nicer hotel) and found a Starbucks. We gambled the slots for a bit. It was fun because we gambled this quarter that Doug gave us for laundry. It had a hole right in the center of it. We pretty much played off that quarter for about an hour. We kept winning a little and losing a little. It was fun.

In the afternoon we went to Red Rocks Canyon. It was beautiful. I can understand now why people would think that the desert is beautiful. Driving out of the Red Rocks national park we saw some burros. It was cool. Not a sight you would see in the Santa Cruz Mountains, anyway. And I’m always up for new adventures.

Another thing to add: When we were there I noticed that there were moths everywhere. I mean, lots of them. It was really strange. There is an appropriate metaphor hiding in there somewhere