A Short History of Nearly Everything

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I just finished listening to this book and wanted to give my review of it here. It was very very long, first of all. As I said, I listened to it (I download mp3 books via Audible.com.) It was approximately 24 hours or so…That isn’t exact. As long as it was, it was extremely interesting and well written. Bryson wrote it because he realized he didn’t know about how our world was made, how we are made, how we (humans) got here, etc. So he spent a few years of his life finding out and he wrote a book. It is written for the layman, so it is written in language that anyone can understand.

He begins with the creation of the Universe. He discusses the big bang theory and how it was discovered by accident. He then goes into various disciplines and talked about thier inception as a discipline, the major scientists, a history of the discipline, and some important theories.

I loved this book. It opened me up to the fascinating world of science.