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Well, I guess I should write a little something about the debate. Kerry won, Bush lost. End of story.

To be honest, I was kind of tired of watching Bush by the time the third debate rolled around. I’m sick of the guy. Can we just get him out of there already? I’m so sick of his arrogance, his Texan swagger, his lack of intellegence. I’m sick of it all. I hate the sound of his voice, I hate the goofy expressions on his face. I hate his stupid little cowboy platitudes that he throws around. Not to mention the way he’s screwed up my country. But that’s another blog entry.

I thought I was going to pull my hair out when he was asked about minimum wage and his answer had to do with education. What the hell?!? What was he talking about? what does education have to do with minimum wage? We have a single mom who is trying to make a living to feed her children making minimum wage, and he expects her to go back to school?!? And that was his answer regarding the outsourcing quesition, too. Basically, if you’ve lost your job via outsourcing your s.o.l. Go back to school.

I can’t take much more of Bush. I’m serious. I’m glad these debates are over. I hope we kick him out in November and he fades away into obscurity forever.

5 thoughts on “The debate

  1. Keep your chin up. Remember the Republicans are burning through major funds trying to keep ahead of the negative polls that show they are losing. Every dollar they are wasting trying to create the reality of their dreams keeps them from actually doing anything to save themselves. We’ve got them, all we have to do is keep hitting them until they fall over. Time is on our side.


  2. Let’s hope so! I am particularly sick of hearing Bush tout what a good job he’s done. On what planet?? He certainly hasn’t done a good job here on earth. He’s pretty much screwed up everything he possibly could! What amazes me is how realitively intellegent people seem to buy into his line of bull. It’s scary!


  3. How in the world can so many be so blind- Kerry is a joke, still hasn’t clearly outlined a plan or what we will actually do if the war escalates. Maybe we can start by speaking out against anyone else in power in every other country if/when he is elected. I cannot believe my democrats are stuck with this soldier who should have been tried for treason. His audience is ready but this guy cannot deliver, he’s almost has the same deceit in him as Billy Clinton. I think I want Perot back!!!


  4. How in the world can someone be as delusional as you?? You obviously have not listened to a word Kerry has said because he has outlined a very clear plan as to what to do about Iraq, domestic issues, terrorism, you name it and he’s got a coherent plan that brings our great country back to where we should be. As an honored memeber of the national community instead of a this albatros that we have become under Bush! Everyone is entitled to their opinion and Kerry went to Vietnam and fought for the right to come back and say whatever the hell he wanted! He saw what went on there first hand. Bush on the other hand was hiding somewhere and shirking duty! He was AWOL!! You need to rethink your priorities and turn off Fox News!!


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