I forgot to bitch about this the other day

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Charlotte Observer | 05/21/2005 | `Apprentice’ winner is a woman for 1st time

In the previous two “Apprentice” finales, Trump chose cigar business owner Bill Rancic to oversee the Trump International Hotel and Tower in Chicago and software executive Kelly Perdew to work on the Trump Place real estate development and Trump Ice bottled water projects in New York.

I’m kind of pissed off about the Apprentice finale. I mean, I’m stoked that a woman finally won it. I think that is awesome. But the “jobs” that the winner had to choose from were really sexist, I thought. The winner could choose between coordinating the next Miss America (or Universe – I can’t remember) pageant, or “redecorating Trump’s palm beach masion” as Tina Fey put it on last saturday’s SNL Weekend Update. I was really bothered by these choices as I was watching the show, and I am still bothered by them now. What, does Trump think that a woman can’t handle the same kinds of projects that he gave to the two men who won?

Seriously, I really don’t know if I will watch the next season because of this. What a total disappointment.

6 thoughts on “I forgot to bitch about this the other day

  1. That’s so blatantly sexist, that she should be drawing up a lawsuit. Trust me if the outrage gets any traction she will suddenly discover she’s got a much better choices.


  2. Oh, really? I didn’t really watch the show after the first season, but redecorating? Coordinating the Miss America/Universe pagent? Sounds like a job his wife is qualified for. She was Miss Universe, wasn’t she? Don’t most men marry women so they can have someone redecorate for them?


  3. Dianne: I’m actually kind of interested in the Martha version, too. But I really don’t know if I will watch it if Trump is in the show at all..we’ll have to see.

    Mandrake: I think she could do waay better. On the show she was offered a job on the spot by the, I think, sony playstation people..Or the other sponsor for the event she planned as the final challenge. she planned a huge video game playoff event and did very well.

    Christie: His wife should do it..it would be a better use of resources if she was miss universe or whatever.


  4. I read that the two guys don’t really have those jobs and are stuffed in cubicles…they mostly do PR…I thought the winner was a good one…and glad it was a woman this time too…I hated that they made the loser look so shrill, though…ugh…


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