Did you watch The Contender?

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Surprisingly, dear hubby got me, a complete girly-girl to the nth degree, interested in the show, The Contender. And we’re not just talking a passing fancy. I think my love of the show hit full-on obsession. Just to kind of give you an idea of how much I loved this show, I nearly panicked when I was in Louisville, watching commercials (which I never do anymore thanks to Tivo) and saw that the Survivor finale was going to be on at the same time as the Contender. Oh the humanity! I called dear hubby up on the cell phone that very instant and told him that we need to figure out how to rig the television so that we can watch live t.v. and still record something with the Tivo so that we wouldn’t miss any episodes of The Contender. And God forbid we miss the Survivor finale.

At first I was just drawn into the whole personal side of it. Dear hubby was, of course, into the fights. He could have fast forwarded through the personal stuff and would have been fine, but I would not let him do that. No. I needed to watch the drama. But, see, this is how they suck the ladies in, with the drama. And the kids. Man, those fighters have the cutest damn kids I’ve ever seen! I was also in awe of how emotional the losing fighter would be after a fight. It was touching that this big, tough boxer would be totally reduced to tears. It was so heartwrenching to watch! Admittedly, I cried along with them…

I think the turning point for me was the fight between Jesse Brinkley and Anthony Bonsante. I actually had to go to bed early, so didn’t watch the fight when my dear hubby did. But I could hear him in the other room yelling at the television. You know how guys do that when they are watching sports? At one point he must have paused it at the commercial becuase he actually came into the bedroom to give me a bit of an update. He was very excited. I fell asleep soon after that, but when he came to bed he woke me up to tell me that it was a great fight, but didn’t tell me who won.

So the next night we watched the fight. Holy crap, was that a good fight. It looked like Jesse was getting his ass kicked, which I was kind of bummed out about because I did not like Anthony Bonsante. At all. So I was rooting for Jesse, and there he was getting his ass kicked. Like dear hubby, I was yelling at the television, too. Dear hubby kept making me think Jesse lost, and I was like, “oh no, please God don’t let Bonsante win, no, no”. I was all into it. Then, just when it looked like all was lost, jesse knocked Bonsante out. It was awesome. The guy just fell flat on his back and Jesse strutted away like he was saying,”Biatch.” Bonsante got up and tried to continue fighting, but he was out of it. His poor daughter got upset, seeing her dad get beat up like that, and she kept yelling, “stop the fight, stop the fight!” Then Bonsante, when he realized that he lost it due to a TKO, kept yelling, “NO, NO, NO.” It was all so very dramatic and awesome. In fact, I thought it was so good that I watched the whole fight twice!

And now I think I am totally a full-on fan of boxing. To the extent that I think I could even actually go watch a fight in person. Me, a total girly girl, watch a fight in person with all of the blood and gore.

I wonder if I could bring my knitting along with me?

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