Official Portrait of President Ronald Reagan

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AOL Television: Greatest American

I think I’m going to puke. Ronald Reagan?!? you have got to be kidding me. I’m so glad I forgot to Tivo the program. I think I would have just gotten depressed.

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4 thoughts on “Greatest American – NOT

  1. Lord knows the Republicans can rally ‘middle America’ by advertising all weekend that the winne was only in the lead by 2,000 or so votes. What did Ronald Regan do for ANYBODY? How did he benefit anyone? I’m confused. Compared to Washington, King and Franklin?


  2. I don’t know what he did for anybody at all..people forget that he was an awful president. obviously. Do these people remember the Iran-Contra scandal? I mean, come on!

    And to attribute the end of the cold war to Reagan is just silly. He is not at all on par with the likes of great Americans like Martin Luther King Jr., Abraham Lincoln, Ben Franklin, and George Washington. And why wasn’t FDR on that list of the five greatest Americans? FDR deserves to be there before Reagan, for God’s sake! He pulled us out of the Depression!


  3. I want to retract my first statement. I read the bullet points on the AOL site…Regan was the Great Communicator! He was the reason blueberry jelly bellies were invented! He was the President of SAG [a post now held by the Great American, Meliisa Gilbert of Little House on the Prairie fame]! Without him, we’d still be afraid that all presidents elected in a year ending in 0 would be killed! Remember Star Wars funding? The big net out in space that was going to catch nukes? Compared to bullet points of George Washington, Malcolm X, Ben Franklin and Martin Luther King, I agree! America has spoken! Viva Regan!


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