Automated Retrieval System

I tried to get some pictures yesterday and I did a great job of getting pictures of people who were around the library yesterday. I also wanted to get a picture of the SCU Library’s new Automated Retrieval System. An ARS is a large building in which books are stored. There are no stories. The […]

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Heard back from Boxer, too!

Here’s a snippet from her email response (I hope it’s okay to post these): There has never been a more important time for U.S. intelligence agents to be able to do their work unimpeded; the threats posed by terrorists are simply too great. Our national security requires that we protect the identity of undercover agents, […]

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Heard back from Dianne Feinstein

Here is a snippet of her letter to me: I am deeply disturbed by the possibility that someone with access to classified information could be involved in leaking it for political purposes. If in fact Karl Rove was engaged in such conduct I would hope the Administration would take decisive action. I cannot comment on […]

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