FR10 – Pack up your office edition

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It’s Friday! Yay!

The internet has been on and off at work this morning so while I listened to my Friday random 10 I packed up my office. It’s kind of sad. 😦

  1. Forever Yellow Skies. Cranberries.
    To the Faithful Departed
  2. Logical Song. Supertramp.
    Magnolia: Music from the Motion Picture
    I totally dig this song.
  3. A Familiar Face. The Ocean Blue.
    The Ocean Blue
  4. Beetoven’s “Archduke” trio in B-Flat. Performed by Beax Arts Trio.
    Beethoven for Book Lovers: An Intimate Companion for Reading
  5. Impressive Instant. Madonna.
  6. Fly me to the moon. Vince Guardaldi Trio.
    A Boy Named Charlie Brown: The Original Sound Track Recording Of The CBS Television Special
  7. Zak Attak. Roni Size.
    Touching Down
  8. Crash Into Me. Dave Matthews Band.
  9. Story of My Life. Social Distortion.
    Social Distortion
  10. Downtown Lights. Anni Lennox.

5 thoughts on “FR10 – Pack up your office edition

  1. No it isn’t. Actually, my last day is a week from today, next friday. But I thought that it would be slightly less depressing if I did most of it today 🙂


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