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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Book 6)I got my Harry Potter book that that pre-ordered from Amazon TODAY! W00t! I was really surprised that I already got it. I thought it would at least take a couple of days. On the box it says “don’t deliver until July 16th.” I wonder if the publisher pre-packaged them for Amazon to mail out, and then they just mailed them out a couple of days before so that customers would get it on the release day…

Well, I’m stoked. Hubby will get to it first, tho. I really should finish the book I’m reading now, “Ahab’s Wife” (which is a great book, btw).

I’m really excited about being a Young Adult librarian because it will be my job to read young adult fiction. It will be so much more interesting than Science journals. To me, anyway. 🙂

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