I’ve been sick this week. I thought I was starting to feel better and then I think I caught something else. I came home from work yesterday and just crashed. I hate this! The worst thing about it is that I don’t have much sick time since I’m so new. I think I only have one day. I can’t really call in sick if I wanted to since there is no one really to cover for my story times that I do on Tuesdays and Fridays.

I need to do something to get better quickly. Any ideas? What helps you get better fast?

I haven’t been able to keep up with my blogging this week since I’ve been really busy at work (on top of being sick). But I’ve been trying to keep up on the news and the indictments, etc. The wierd thing about all of this is that I haven’t heard one peep about the scooter libby story on the network news at all! I’m really shocked by that. Maybe they are covering it when I’m not watching Television, but still. This is big news! The Vice President’s chief of staff has been indicted, and it seems like it’s being totally ignored by the MSM. It’s very weird, I think.

Liberty Lake

Travel and Other Adventures

Went on an awesome 8 mile hike with my Dad on Sunday. It’s called The Liberty Lake Loop. The trail begins and ends at Liberty Lake city park.

Probably one of the most beautiful hikes I’ve ever been on. At the very top there is a cabin that was built by local boyscouts that hikers can camp in. I didn’t get picture of that, regretably.

I did pretty good until about the last mile or so. It was downhill and very steep. I hate that. It’s very painful on my knees and my thighs start to hurt. So I started to jog down the hill and it seemed to feel better.

When we got done my stepmom had lentil chili and homemade bread waiting for us. lovely.

Unfortunately, I’m sick now. I was sick all yesterday and I had to come home today. Sometimes that happens when I push myself a little bit too hard.