Friday Random Ten

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Been awhile hasn’t it.

Feeling kind of blue after writing my last post, so I thought I would listen to music to cheer me up a bit. Then I realized that it’s Friday and I havn’t done an FR10 in awhile. Why not hit “play” and see what comes my way?

  1. Two little blackbirds. Pamela Conn Beall. Wee Sing Children’s songs and fingerplays.
    Oh my. this is embarrasing, isn’t it? Yes, I have Wee Sing on my iPod. Give me a break. I’m a children’s librarian now!
  2. The feeling’s gone. The Apollinaires. The 2 tone collection.
    I can honestly say that I have never heard this song before in my life. Kind of catchy, though.
  3. Why didn’t you call me? Macy Gray. On how life is.
    On How Life Is
    This song makes me want to tap my toes and sing along. I like it. Haven’t heard it in a long time. reminds me of when I went to school at UCSC.
  4. Jackass. Green day. Warning.
    I loves me a little Green day.
  5. Goin Campin. Wee Sing in the car.
    yeah yeah. I know. Another Wee sing song.
  6. Heaven Sent. INXS. INXS Greatest hits.
    INXS - Greatest Hits
    For some reason, I got this urge to listen to INXS around the time we moved up here. So I downloaded this album from iTunes. I listened to it over and over on the drive up here.
  7. Love Machine. The Miracles. Billboard top hits 1976.
    Billboard Top Rock & Roll Hits: 1970
    I chuckle whenever I hear a song from this album. Or set of albums. We have a set of Billboard hits from the seventies. There are some really sucky songs from the seventies, you know?
  8. Hollywood. Cranberries. To the faithful departed.
    To the Faithful Departed
  9. Trip through your wires. U2. The Joshua Tree.
    The Joshua Tree
  10. Flipside. Everything but the Girl. Walking Wounded.
    Walking Wounded

That was fun. Hopefully I will remember to do this again next week.

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