Friday Random 10

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It’s Friday! Time for another FR10!

If you want to play along put your mp3 player on random and blog the first 10 songs.

  1. Rhythms. Sum 41. All Killer No Filler.
    All Killer No Filler
    I like this album. It reminds me of living in Santa Cruz.

  2. Sometimes you gotta make it alone. Money Mark. Napoleon Dynamite Soundtrack.
    Napoleon Dynamite
    I really do not like this song. In fact I think I hate it.
  3. Lovers who uncover. The Little Ones. Sing Song EP.
    Sing Song
    This song, on the other hand, I love. I downloaded it from iTunes last summer on a whim. I was looking for some new, summery music from a band I’d never heard of. This song now reminds me of camping at Skookum lake, the beautiful shores of Cape Horn on the Oregon Coast, and hiking through Cape Dissappointment. Great Song. Puts a smile on my face.
  4. Big Shot. English Beat. I just can’t stop it
    I Just Can\'t Stop It
    This song bores me at the moment. I want to go back to last summer!
  5. Play for Today. The Cure. Staring at the Sea.
    Staring at the Sea: The Singles
    God I love the Cure. They are so damn dramatic. How can you not love them?
  6. If the kids are united. Sham 69. No Thanks!The 70’s Punk Rebellion.
    No Thanks! The \'70s Punk Rebellion
    “If the kids are united, then we’ll never be divided.” Good ‘ol fashioned punk. Fuck yeah.
  7. The Difference. The Wallflowers. Bringing down the horse.
    Wallflowers: Bringing Down the Horse
    Wow. what the hell happened to these guys? ARe they still around? This was a pretty good album. I really liked it when it came out foreverago.
  8. Positively 4th street. Bob (fucking) Dylan. Bob Dylan’s Greatest Hits.
    Bob Dylan\'s Greatest Hits
    NO FUCKING WAY. A Bob Dylan song comes up right after a song from his son. I’m totally freaking out right now. When the Wallflowers song was playing I had an image in my head of Bob Dylan and his son, Whathisname Dylan from the Wallflowers on stage together at the Grammys several years ago.
  9. Mr. Big. The Dils. No Thanks! The 70s Punk Rebellion.
    No Thanks! The \'70s Punk Rebellion
    Gotta love the punk.
  10. Revolve. Nine Days. The Maddening Crowd.
    The Madding Crowd
    This album is quite a few years old, but this song sounds like all of that sappy emo band music that is popular now. Slighty edgier, though.

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