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The Brothers Grimm: Popular Folk Tales (Gollancz Children's Classics) The Brothers Grimm: Popular Folk Tales by The Brothers Grimm

I have found myself almost obsessed with these stories. I decided to read through these folk-tale and fairy-tale classics because I don’t remember being exposed to the original versions of the stories in my childhood. I absolutely love them. Some of the originals are so gruesome that they had me exclaiming “oh my God!” out loud in the staff lounge at work, and then I had to share the passage with my co-workers. Did you know that Snow White’s step-mother told her henchman to kill Snow White and bring back her lungs and liver so she could eat them? yikes! And don’t even get me started on the story “Fitcher’s Bird.” That story will give you nightmares.

They are freaking awesome!

The edition I checked out from the library didn’t include Red Riding Hood and Cinderella so I just bought the Complete Grimms and will read them at my leisure.

2 thoughts on “Brothers Grimm

  1. your post has totally inspired me to pick up this book. I came upon original versions of the Brothers Grimm stories a year ago and wanted to look into it some more, but totally dropped the ball. Do post on the Complete Grimms and let me know what you think about the book — I’m going to go to used bookstores to hunt them down when I get a chance to.


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