Earworm Alert!

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I’ve had the song “Paper Planes” in my head for a week now. It’s seriously driving me insane. When I first heard the song I thought it was kind of fun and peppy. Then my husband said to me when it was on the radio, “this song is really kind of disturbing. Just listen to the words.” And I did. And I really couldn’t understand most of the words. I did understand the chorus, with the gunshots and the cha-ching of the cash register. And I did understand the part where she sings, “Some, some some of them I murder, some I let go.” I had never noticed that part before. wow. I was kind of creeped out a little.

But, damn it. I still really like the song.

One thought on “Earworm Alert!

  1. But it certainly does reflect an attitude towards America in some areas of the world, doesn’t it? To a fun beat it seems harmless, but the regardless the lyric’s message is clear. Not that I’m saying it’s right or wrong…and yes, it is scary, but it’s true. A lot of the world doesn’t like us very much right now.


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