Brothers Grimm

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The Brothers Grimm: Popular Folk Tales (Gollancz Children's Classics) The Brothers Grimm: Popular Folk Tales by The Brothers Grimm

I have found myself almost obsessed with these stories. I decided to read through these folk-tale and fairy-tale classics because I don’t remember being exposed to the original versions of the stories in my childhood. I absolutely love them. Some of the originals are so gruesome that they had me exclaiming “oh my God!” out loud in the staff lounge at work, and then I had to share the passage with my co-workers. Did you know that Snow White’s step-mother told her henchman to kill Snow White and bring back her lungs and liver so she could eat them? yikes! And don’t even get me started on the story “Fitcher’s Bird.” That story will give you nightmares.

They are freaking awesome!

The edition I checked out from the library didn’t include Red Riding Hood and Cinderella so I just bought the Complete Grimms and will read them at my leisure.


Pelicans in the fog


I took these on our vacation last week. The fog was REALLY thick on the beach one day. I couldn’t see more than 10 feet in front of me (which is scary because they let cars drive on the beach here). There were a bunch of pelicans hanging out and it was an amazing sight to see them flying out of the fog, like they were coming out of nowhere.

Crafty Monday: Morning Surf Scarf


080818I finished my scarf last week and let it block while I was out of town for 4 days. I really like how it turned out! I’m so glad I went with this yarn. I think it is absolutely perfect for this pattern. The perfect marriage. I think it, indeed, looks like morning surf. Here is the Ravelry link if you feel so inclined. Not much else to say about it. Great pattern. Highly recommended.

Speaking of morning surf, I just got back from the coast. We had a fantastic time. In fact, I wish I was still there. I miss living near the ocean so much. I came back to Spokane, home of unbearable heat. Oh, and we found that someone had broken into our garage and stole my bike. Jerks.

Did I mention I wish I was still in Long Beach?

Crafty Monday: Morning Surf Scarf


080804When I picked up the current issue of Spinoff Magazine I knew I had to buy it for the Morning Surf Scarf pattern. How perfect is this for the Water element of Project Spectrum? Absolutely perfect! And I knew exactly which yarn I wanted to use for it, too. I was going to use some silk yarn that I spun up out of silk hankies. Since I finished spinning it I have had trouble finding the right pattern for this yarn. I have tried a few and none really fit. So the Morning Surf Scarf! I was stoked! And excited to cast on.

I decided to wait until the first of August to start. That is when the Water Element months kick in. I was itchy to start, but I would hold off. I would make something else first.

I cast on the scarf on August 1st and knit a lot of it. But you know what? I came to the sad conclusion that I wouldn’t have enough yarn. Plus, I wasn’t super happy with the results. sigh. So, instead, I pulled out some other hand-spun yarn in my stash. This was spun with some Yarn Pirate dyed BFL in a colorway called Spinaker.

I cast on and started knitting. You know what? After a few pattern repeats I knew it had to be fate. This yarn and this pattern were absolutely made for each other. The pattern and yarn combo replicates surf undulating on the sand. I absolutely love it.

Book Talk Saturday: Little Women

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Little Women Little Women by Louisa May Alcott
rating: 3 of 5 stars

There were parts of this book that made me cringe just the tiniest bit. As a modern day woman, I kind of rolled my eyes at the message that I felt the book was portraying, “women are happiest when they are good mothers and wives.” But I have to admit, I really liked it. I found myself enjoying all the characters and I absolutely loved the story. I guess there is a reason why it is a classic. It really is a good book.

I now have an account at Good Reads and am totally addicted! Are you a member there? If so, come and friend me!