Princess of the Midnight Ball

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Princess of the Midnight Ball Princess of the Midnight Ball by Jessica Day George

I picked up this wonderful book a few weeks ago. It was among some new books and I was intrigued by the cover (as I am quite often). I read the inside flap and saw that it was a retelling of the fairytale classic, “The Twelve Dancing Princess.”  Well, that was the clincher. I love a good fairytale retelling!
This book did not disappoint. If you have read the fairytale you know the story. It pretty much follows it with a few little changes. One of those changes is that the princesses in the older versions that I have read want to go out at midnight and dance, while in this book they are compelled to dance and they hate every minute of it. Another thing that I love about this version is  the soldier who comes to the palace to save princesses is a knitter! And knitting figures prominently in the story.

I adored this lovely story. It was a really fun read. Definitely recommended.

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