The Sliding Glass Door

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There I am in print!

There I am in Black and White. woohoo!

The sliding Glass Door by Scott Poole.R and I received in the mail yesterday a book that we both had a hand in the development of. The Sliding Glass Door by Scott Poole. R designed the cover of the book and I took the author’s photo. I wrote a little bit about it, vaguely, in April when I went to Live Wire. It’s crazy to see it in the flesh! To pick it up and hold it. To turn to the verso and see my name right there! To see the photo that I took on page 67. It’s all very, very exciting!

This is my second photo credit for a book. The first was for a book called, The Real Work: essential slight of hand for street operators by Paul Price. I took some photos of hands demonstrating some of the tricks. I didn’t use my first name though. I am credited as M. Smith. I really regret that. I should’ve just used my full name.

But the past is the past and the present is here and presently, I am holding this fantastic book of poetry in my hands. R did a beautiful job on the cover. I’m so proud of him! And of myself. This is a day to remember.

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