Friday Random 10

Books, Music, Art, Movies

iPod? Check. Coffee? Check. O.k. Hitting random in 3…2…1….

1. I don’t believe you. The Thermals. Fuck yeah! Today’s FR10 is starting out very well. One of my favorite songs from my favorite album of this past year.

2. Failure. Unearth. goodness. that woke me up. why is this on my iPod?

3. Hitchin’ a Ride. Green Day. I like this song. I like this album.

4. Heart of Glass. Blondie. This song reminds me of bubble gum for some reason. It reminds me of buying Bubble Yum and Star Wars Cards. I do love this song, though. Yes. Very much so.

5. Beastie Boys. Pass the Mic. This is one of favorite B Boys songs.

6. Wild Thing. Jimi Hendrix. oooh! And this is the recording from the Monterey Pop Festival, the one where he sets his guitar on fire. Epic. I love this song so much. And Jimi, too. Here, watch this video. Your life will be complete if you do. (the looks on the faces of the audience are fucking priceless.)

7. Waltzing Back. Cranberries. I’m still thinking about Jimi’s sacrificial guitar so have nothing witty to say about this song.

8. C’mon C’mon. Von Bondies. This song reminds me of living in Santa Cruz. I think it’s been that long since I’ve heard it. I can’t embed the video so can watch it here. (mini rant: YOU ARE SHOOTING YOURSELVES IN THE FOOT, RECORDING ARTISTS, BY DOING THAT. Do you NOT want people to listen to your music?!)

9. Country Trash. Johnny Cash. yay! always love listening to The Man In Black.

10. Goodbye. Mudvayne. What an appropriate way to end this edition of FR10.

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