Friday Random 10

Books, Music, Art, Movies

Firing up the iPod and hitting random…..

1. Your Heart is an empty room by Death Cab for Cutie
shit. how weird are these lyrics, considering my blog post from a couple of days ago:

Burn it down till the embers smoke on the ground
And start new when your heart is an empty room
With walls of the deepest blue

2. Killing Joke. Wardance.
Never heard this song before and I don’t think I ever want to hear it again.

3. Bjork. Enjoy.
Always enjoy listening to Bjork. (ha)

4.Lie to Purity. Unearth
Bloody hell, I hate screech-core music. Who the fuck listens to this? why am I?

5. Break on through to the other side. The Doors.

6. We Suck Young Blood (your time is up). Radiohead
Good lord. This song is depressing. It makes me want to curl up in a hole and die.

7. Smells Like Teen Spirit. Meat Puppets.
This was a free download from Spin Magazine this past summer. The whole album was very disappointing, including this song. I don’t know what I expected. I mean, really. The only good song was Amanda Palmer’s cover of “Polly.” It was actually kinda brilliant.

8. Guitar Man. Cake.
I heart Cake. With all of my heart.

seriously. love.

9. Love Will Keep Us Together. Captain & Tenille.
I fucking love this song.

I am singing along at the top of my lungs right now. Also, I had my hair cut like that in the seventies.

10. Crying. T.V. On the Radio.
I really wanted to like this album but never could get into it. Though they do sound pretty good accompanied by beer. I might have to give them another try. I do like the groove.

O.k. after listening to it three times I’ve decided I love it.

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