Friday Random Ten

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Oh dear. It appears I might have lost my blogging mojo. Well, these are always sort of fun. Perhaps it will get me back into the game. Firing up the iPod…

1. Bathwater. No Doubt.
Oh yay! Love this song!

2. So Much For The Afterglow. Everclear.
Another good song I haven’t heard in forever.

This video is rather hilariously odd.

3. Since I’ve Been Loving You. Led Zeppelin
Fuck Yeah, Led Zeppelin!!!!

4. Fat Lip. Sum 41.
OK. Call me a dork, but I love this song. When I hear the opening guitar riff I smile.

5. From Way Up Here. Pete Seeger.
I have no idea why I have this on my iPod. But whatever. It’s cool. It’s Pete Seeger. Of course it’s fucking cool.

6. I Won’t Back Down. Johnny Cash.
Fuck Yeah, Johnny Cash!

7. Skeletons. Yeah Yeah Yeahs.
God I love these guys.

8. Blue Shoes. Margo May.
I have no idea what this song is. I have never heard it before. I think there are gnomes loading up my iPod when I’m not looking.

9. Train In Vain. Clash
Fuck Yeah, Clash!

10. Deathly. Aimee Mann.
The songs from the Magnolia Soundtrack make me feel very sad.

On that note, I am going to bed. Good night, kids!

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