Friday random ten

Books, Music, Art, Movies

1. Come original. 311
There was a time when I lived in Spokane when I really liked listening to these guys because they reminded me of Santa Cruz. Now I think they sound dorky.

Video’s pretty dorky, too.

2. Rock-n-roll lifestyle. Cake.
Cake! My iPod likes Cake. So do I.

I wonder if I will think these guys are dorky someday, as well.

3. There she goes. The Las.
This one of my all time favorite songs. Ever.

I had to listen to it twice.

4. Not your fault. Awolnation
Good song. Kind of sick of it tho.

Video is kind of dumb.

5. Stop dragging my heart around. Tom petty,
Yeah! Love this song.

6. There goes my gun. Pixies.
I always enjoy the Pixies.

7. A pair of brown eyes. The Pogues.
This song makes me sleepy.

8. I bleed. Pixies
My iPod loves the Pixies.

9. Plainsong. The Cure.
This whole album makes me feel sad.

And sleepy.

10. Psycho killer. Talking Heads.

Woke me right up.

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