Friday Random 10

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I lack the brain power to post anything of substance today. So let’s do a Friday Random 10. Shall we begin?

1. Fight For You Right. Beastie Boys
I like how this is starting.

2. Rainy Day Woman. Bob Dylan.
This song makes me laugh.

3. Mr. Amsterdam. Sum 41.

4. I know what I am. Band of Skulls.
Free download. I find this song irritating for some reason.

5. East Jesus Nowhere. Green Day.
I kind of lost my interest in Green Day a few years ago and never really listened to this album much.

6. Wanna Be Starting Something. Michael Jackson.
Yeah! great song.

7. The Impression That I get. Mighty Mighty Bosstones.
Love this song!

8. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap.
Fuck yeah, AC/DC.

9. Pro Nails. Kid Sister.

10. Miranda. Surfer Blood.
Yeah! My new fave band. What a good way to end it.

Happy Friday.

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