The Mountain by Heartless Bastards

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I happened upon this band when I searched our library’s catalog for “banjo music” so that I could get inspired to learn to play. I thought I needed to know about a band named “Heartless Bastards” so I checked out the CD “The Mountain.” I fell in love with this song immediately.  I just moved to Sandy and Mt. Hood was watching over me every day, so it resonated deeply. This song also helped me through my grieving over the loss of my step-dad.

I made a CD for my mom and put this song on it. After listening to it for six months she revealed to me that she swore they were singing, “pee into the mountain.” It made me laugh so hard. So now this song makes me laugh a little too.

I love this video. I love that they are playing this song during the magic hour at sunset. It is so beautiful.

Incidentally, they don’t sing about the joys of peeing into a mountain. Here are the lyrics:

Oh you feel and you taste it and you want to go higher
So what do you do
And so you peak into the mountain where your desire goes
Spilt blood on this place it only echoes
True all through the days
And so you peak into the mountain where your desire goes

2 thoughts on “The Mountain by Heartless Bastards

    1. I have read both words on different sites. Song lyrics are weird like that, sometimes they don’t make sense at all. It’s just the way it is. Some people think this song is about drugs, in which case, “peak” does make perfect sense.


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