First ride

A bicycle
For the first
Time on a
Street In
I put my feet
On the
My body knew
What to Do
Instinctively. My legs
Pushed the
Pedals one at
A time. Down and up and
up and down.
Before I knew it I was
riding down the rocky road faster
And faster and then I was
released into the wild streets, left to ride
Under the cool green canopy
Of the neighborhood

6 thoughts on “First ride

  1. There is nothing like a great bike ride! I rode 16 miles yesterday. When I left I was miserable and depressed , when I returned I was jubilant !


    1. That’s awesome!! I loved bike riding as a child. I rode all over the place (it was the Seventies and a different time). I would love to get back into it! I have my eye on a cruiser at REI.


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