100 happy days

Several weeks ago my buddy Frank started posting photos on his Instagram account with the hashtag #100happydays. I found myself really enjoying seeing these posts and decided that maybe I would try it myself. I was hoping that, perhaps, it would be like putting a “happy filter” on my eyes and maybe cause me to seek […]

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I am reaching a stage in my One Pinhole A Day project where I will need to do some scanning to add to the photos! Dear me. Scanning isn’t my favorite thing. I will try to get to that this weekend, though. Here is one from December 12. I was shopping in the grocery store […]

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Still working my way through those One Pinhole A Day photos. Here is December 14. I took this while eating lunch at my regular lunch hangout. I was probably eating my usual: grilled cheese and tomato soup. Here are some random things going on in my head this week: Somehow, over the weekend, I found […]

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