What am I reading?

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I put aside the intense dive into Sylvia Plath for a bit and picked up a few other, more lighter reads. I was home sick a couple of days this week and reread “The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Fuck,” by Mark Mason which I really liked a lot (both times). There is lots of wisdom imparted in a light-hearted, funny way.

36431753930_85b22595e1_b.jpg Last week I was helping a patron with the Overdrive app, and in the process I downloaded a couple of books to demonstrate how it worked. I ended up downloading a couple of books that I wanted to read. One of them was a kid’s book called, “I Survived The Eruption of Mt St Helens.” I previously read “I survived the Shark Attacks of 1916” and loved it, and book talked it a lot last year. This one wasn’t a great as the shark attack one, but it was still pretty compelling. Especially so since St Helens is practically in our backyard and I remember the eruption like it was yesterday. I think the series in general is really great for reluctant readers, or kids who just like action adventure.

The other book I downloaded was the audio version of “Love In The Time Of Cholera.” I read this about 20 years ago and have been wanting to reread it for awhile. I am currently about a quarter of the way through it and so far I love it more than I loved it the first time.

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