Springtime at Blue Lake


I have a series of pinhole photos from a place called Blue Lake. It’s a pleasant little park in Fairview, not far from where we live. We like to visit there when we want a mellow walk.

Springtime at Blue Lake

This particular photo was taken with my Zero 2000. Ektar 100 was used. The exposure time was 1 second.

On my calendar I have that I am going to do 72 hours of “Tech Detox” starting at midnight tonight and ending Monday at midnight. I’ve decided to schedule theseĀ  once a month. I still want to make sure I keep to my “100 days” commitment, so if I can get my act together, I will try to think of some blog posts to schedule over the next three days. They may be posts of Blue Lake photos!

I think for this I am supposed to hide my phone somewhere and not look at it for three days. haha. We’ll see how I do. My mom is visiting so I will have stuff to do. Also, it might be a good opportunity to use one of my film cameras for photos, rather than my iPhone.

I’m sure I will have lots to say about this on Tuesday.

See you on the other side!

Prayer flags


Still not feeling particularly bloggy. Here is a gif I made.

The best thing that happened today is that we booked plane tickets to England to attend Pinhole Day in Norwich! I wasn’t sure if we could make it happen this year but happened to check prices on Tuesday night and tickets to London were crazy cheap. The next day the price already started to climb so we decided to just jump on it now, while it’s hot. I’m so excited!

Angel’s Wing


This morning I woke up with laryngitis, so I’m still pretty much a mess. I am still home sick. I am sick of being sick. I hate not being able to talk.

I don’t have any ideas for a blog post, and since I’m committed to 100 days of blogging for about 15 more days I decided to share digital photo (gasp!) of a mushroom I took 7 years ago. This is, (I think) called Angel’s Wing. I believe I found it on Mt Hood.

I revisited my digital photos searching for mushroom photos. My coworker asked if I wanted to display some of my photography at a show about mushrooms. I was hoping I had some pinhole photos of mushrooms and I swear I do somewhere, I just can’t find them. Perhaps when I do I will share.

angels wing

“The culture of comfort, which makes us think only of ourselves, makes us insensitive to the cries of other people, makes us live in soap bubbles which, however lovely, are insubstantial; they offer a fleeting and empty illusion which results in indifference to others; indeed, it even leads to the globalization of indifference. We have become used to the suffering of others.

— Pope Francis

Globalization of indifference