Springtime at Blue Lake


I have a series of pinhole photos from a place called Blue Lake. It’s a pleasant little park in Fairview, not far from where we live. We like to visit there when we want a mellow walk.

Springtime at Blue Lake

This particular photo was taken with my Zero 2000. Ektar 100 was used. The exposure time was 1 second.

On my calendar I have that I am going to do 72 hours of “Tech Detox” starting at midnight tonight and ending Monday at midnight. I’ve decided to schedule these  once a month. I still want to make sure I keep to my “100 days” commitment, so if I can get my act together, I will try to think of some blog posts to schedule over the next three days. They may be posts of Blue Lake photos!

I think for this I am supposed to hide my phone somewhere and not look at it for three days. haha. We’ll see how I do. My mom is visiting so I will have stuff to do. Also, it might be a good opportunity to use one of my film cameras for photos, rather than my iPhone.

I’m sure I will have lots to say about this on Tuesday.

See you on the other side!

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