Monday runday

Health and Fitness

Since I went to a meditation retreat yesterday, I had to push my long run back to Monday. Today I added half a mile and ran 8.5 miles. It felt good! Really not much else to say about that except now I need a nap! 😴
My after run snack was avocado toast topped with poached eggs. This was my first try making poached eggs so it’s not pretty. But it was yum. 🙂
Today’s power song was Oh My God by Ida Maria

Food talk

Health and Fitness

Facebook reminded me today that 4 years ago I was thinking about my health. It’s kind of ironic because, again, I am finding myself thinking about health and the food that I eat and what I can do to be healthier. One of my Facebook friends shared an interesting article about inflammation and it’s link to depression and it has had me thinking. I’ve kind of deduced from my own personal experience that inflammation has been a key to my physical health. For example, if my skin breaks out I know it’s due to inflammation and I will try to eat better (usually I’ve been eating too much sugar). I hadn’t thought about it being related to depression, though. I find this very interesting! It gives me more tools to work with in my fight against this disease. It’s empowering. Admittedly, when I am eating healthier and generally doing things that combat inflammation I feel less depressed. So it makes a lot of sense.

While I’m talking about food I have to come clean and admit something. I made a big deal about becoming (or re-becoming) a vegetarian a couple of years ago, but I decided several months ago that it was not sustainable for me. I really need animal protein. I feel better when I eat it. As a Buddhist I feel really guilty about this. But you do what you gotta do. If I can figure out how to make vegetarianism work for me I would do it. But I can’t seem to figure out how to make it work and have energy during the day.

Sunday run day 

Health and Fitness

This week I am back to adding to my long run. I’m up to 8 miles! It felt great today. The weather was perfect. After mile 5 the endorphins kicked in and I was running a little faster during my running segments. I am at the point in my training where I can swing by home halfway through for a quick bathroom break, which I did today. I also took a swig of pickle juice to perk me up. It took about 3 minutes total, so not much of a hit as far as time goes.

This week I got a little obsessed with beats per minute of songs. I am trying to figure out what the idea song bpm is for me so I can compile a smart playlist in iTunes. An app that I have clocked me at 155 earlier this week so I made a smart playlist of songs between 154 and 160. I got an eclectic mix of speed metal, celtic rock, and a few Blondie mixed in there for good measure.

I got kind of sick of the depressing lyrics of the death metal and ditched the smart playlist for my usual running playlist.

Today my power song was “Cheap Thrills” by Sia.

Here are some snapshots from my run. I saw a bunch of painted rocks and also met some of the creators of them. They were placing them on the trail as I ran by. I told them that they were awesome and that really liked them.


Sunday runday

Health and Fitness

Today I was scheduled for a 3 mile run, according to my plan, but i kind of thought that was ridiculous. So I ran an easy 4 miles at my half marathon pace, which is a 13 minute mile (which also seems ridiculous to me but I’ll just go with it and trust the running plan). Here are some snapshots from the trail.


Sunday Runday

Health and Fitness

I am training for another half marathon which is in September, so I will be posting running posts once a week . 

I started training a couple of weeks ago and am using the Galloway method of running and walking in intervals. There is a small, competitive part of me that feels like walking during a run is “wrong” but Galloway makes a compelling case for it. The. Biggest selling point for me is less injury. And I tend to get injured kind of a lot so… And honesty the walking doesn’t slow me down much. It gives me time to recover and the segments when I run tend to be faster, so it all evens out.  I’ve never been a fast distance runner anyway, so I kind of don’t care all that much about time.

In this training program I’m running 30 minutes on Tuesdays and Thursdays with my long run on Sundays. For the 30 minute runs I don’t walk, so I end up running a little over 3 miles. 

I round it all out with cross training on the other days. I’ve been trying Keelo, which I really like. I’ve also been going to the gym for the elliptical machine.

Yesterday I ran 7.5 miles! It’s been awhile since I’ve run longer distances and it feels great.