Again, The Golden Gate Bridge


I have written about my experience walking across the Golden Gate Bridge in March. It wasn’t a pleasant one. When I came home and after I wrote my blog post about it I found myself wanting to watch The Bridge again. I don’t know why. This bridge has been haunting me.

What I did not tell you about that day was that I was also shooting photos on a roll of film that I would send overseas to Brendan for another round of his International Film Swap project.

The photos from the bridge are as haunting as the bridge itself. Kind of spooky, actually. Here, have a look:

Mother Mary watches over the Golden Gate

Mother Mary watches over the Golden Gate

Honestly. Does this need any explanation? It gives me chills.

Resting place

Final Resting Place

I showed this to Raf and the first thing out of his mouth was, “Final resting place.”

Bridge or mortuary?

Bridge or mortuary?

When I shot this sign I thought it was kind of funny and rebellious. If you look closely you will see that right under the word “Bridge” is the word “Mortuary” (from Brendan’s double exposure). Indeed, the place feels very haunted to me. Lots of very sad souls there.

There are more really cool photos from the swap that are less morbid and I will share them in another post. Stay tuned!

My exposures are from SF (obvs) and Brendan’s exposures are in Dublin.

You can’t hold back the sunrise.


You can't hold the sunrise back
I mentioned that a couple of photos from my film swap with Mr. AwareoftheVoid really stand out for me. I wanted them to have their own blog post. This is one of them. I feel like it doesn’t need a blathery exposition because it kind of speaks for itself. And maybe I should just shut up and let the photo do the talking. However…

A little while before Brendan sent these to me I got the call from my mom telling me that my uncle was actively dying. When she told me it felt like someone punched me in the stomach. I honestly didn’t think he would die so quickly. He only found out two weeks ago that he had lung cancer. I honestly thought that I would have time to go back home to say goodbye. But, apparently, life doesn’t work that way. I was in shock. As I was looking at the photos, in shock, this particular one jumped out for obvious reasons. I love how the sunrise is bleeding through the gate, like it refuses to be held back. What a beautiful metaphor.

The lock part of the photo was taken on the Steel Bridge in Portland, Oregon and the Sunrise was taken by Brendan in Dublin.

International Film Swap, part 2


My International Filmswap with Brendan from Aware of the Void continues! He shot the last of the three rolls on Sunday – and even developed them himself so we could have results that day. I am so pleased with how they turned out! Here are some of my favorites. There are a couple that really stand out and I will post them in another blog post so they can stand on their own. They are included here as well.

My side was shot in Downtown Portland, Oregon and at Cape Disappointment, Washington. His side was shot in Dublin, Ireland. He blogs at and he has a really good Flickr stream that you should check out too.

See the photos from Part 1 here.

International Film Swap


I mentioned awhile ago that I am participating in Aware Of The Void’s international film swap project. I finally sent some film his way a couple of weeks ago, he shot a couple of rolls and developed them this past weekend and the results are AMAZING. Honestly. The serendipity of the way some of the images are super-imposed is nothing less than, well, what is the word? Metaphysical? I don’t know. This is what I love about art. I love how things just happen. Art is experienced, rather than explained. And there is no way to explain this with words, so why don’t I just show you.

My part of it was shot here in Oregon, some of it on a walk to Wahclella Falls on the Columbia River Gorge. Some of it shot at McMenamin’s Edgefield in Troutdale. Brendan’s side was shot in Dublin, Ireland. If you are interested in participating check out his really great blog, Aware of the Void! You can also find more of his excellent photography on his  Flickr stream.