International Film Swap, part 2


My International Filmswap with Brendan from Aware of the Void continues! He shot the last of the three rolls on Sunday – and even developed them himself so we could have results that day. I am so pleased with how they turned out! Here are some of my favorites. There are a couple that really stand out and I will post them in another blog post so they can stand on their own. They are included here as well.

My side was shot in Downtown Portland, Oregon and at Cape Disappointment, Washington. His side was shot in Dublin, Ireland. He blogs at and he has a really good Flickr stream that you should check out too.

See the photos from Part 1 here.

14 thoughts on “International Film Swap, part 2

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  2. Everything I read “cape disappointment” I laugh – does that suggest that I may be maladjusted in some way? When you inevitably run out of good places to visit and turn your sights to Ireland as a holiday destination I will put together an itinerary that includes the cliff of Mohar – This is a truly, truly beautiful spot – spoiled only by the signs suggesting that people should not end their lives by jumping off them- I gather this is a similar scenario to cape disappointment?


    1. The Pacific Northwest is loaded with funny names of things (Boring, Oregon being one of them) and the people living here laugh all of the time at them. But we are all maladjusted and twisted group of people so I don’t know. I am probably a bad judge of that..

      The name of the place is because there are a lot of shipwrecks, but in fact, there is a story of the original lighthouse keeper’s wife who was so depressed by the rain and fog that she flung herself off the cliff in despair.

      The cliff of Mohar sounds interesting! Though I was disturbed by the signs on the Golden Gate Bridge imploring people not to jump.


      1. The really weird thing is that – having never really considered it ….when I was looking at the signs I thought – well this is a very beautiful place – why not?….I think the golden gate might be the same…


        1. It totally is. Apparently more people have committed suicide at the GGB than any place in the world (except for a forest in Japan I think). Like one person every two weeks. It’s very disturbing and sad, but it’s also a very beautiful place. Very strange mixed feelings when I was there.


    1. I am having the same experience. There are others that I haven’t posted that I am finding that I really like. I need to post another blog post with those.


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