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YesterdayAfter our run we went to Portland for the Hawthorne Street Fair. (Apologies if anyone finds any of these photos offensive. I think they are funny.)

There were people selling hilariously irreverent postcards and bags made out of old porn movie film. 

This one is not porn though. It’s probably Finding Nemo.

I bought some funny postcards! And more serious books.

I even shot some pinhole!

I love Portland.


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I learned on Friday that Newspace Center For Photography closed permanently. It was all of a sudden with no warning at all. I am still gutted whenever I think about it. It was a big part of my routine when I went to Portland. Drop my husband off at work. go to Newspace and print for an hour. And now it’s gone. I still can hardly believe it. I had to drive by on Monday to see if it was true, and, alas, there is a big “For Lease” sign in the window. I didn’t have a heart to take a photo of that. It just made me too sad.

Newspace  has played such an big role in my creative development. It was where I learned how to develop film. It was where I was introduced to pinhole photography. I have spent hours in their darkroom. I have used their studio and their high quality scanners. I have felt so much gratitude that I had access to all of this. I have bragged about them to others and taken out of town visitors there to show them around the place. I’ve taken classes there. I enjoyed the amazing artwork that graced the walls.

I am feeling at a loss and so very empty. It feels like a good friend has died. All of this can never be replaced. I think the community can cobble together things like a community darkroom, but to have all of these things in one place was an amazing treasure that I took for granted. And now it’s gone.

Here are some photos I took there over the years. Some are pinhole, some are iPhone snaps.


Dispatches from a shy street photographer: user error


Today’s image is the last of my street photography series. I am not sure it even really qualifies as street photography. I shot two rolls through my Holga GTLR in bulb mode and this is the one photo from those two rolls that I actually kind of like. It was shot in Portland. I like the Holga GTLR for street photography and I will try this again. Hopefully with more attention to detail.

Geeky Bits

Camera: Holga GFN 120 GFNTL
Film: Acros 100
Stand developed in Adonal for 1 hour.

Frank’s Noodle House


Every so often Raf gets on a Food Network kick and will watch every episode of a FN show. Currently, he is into Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. It seems like they visit Portland restaurants a lot on that show! Most of the places featured are very meat oriented. But every once in awhile a vegetarian option will come up. One of those options was Frank’s Noodle House. We decided we would go there for lunch this past Monday. They feature traditional Chinese hand-pulled noodles.

Wow. It was delicious. I got the vegetable noodles and Raf got the tofu noodles. He said he could’ve done without the tofu because there was nothing special about it. I loved the vegetable noodles. The noodles were definitely fresh as were the veggies. They served it with house made egg drop soup which was also delicious. And the prices were very very reasonable. We didn’t even have to wait for a table!